Why you should follow The Canary, Skwawkbox, and Evolvepolitics

Uh oh! A branch of Momentum has posted a highly racist (antisemitic) tweet featuring a photograph of a prominent Tory Jewish politician. 

Of course, they haven't. But suppose they had. We can be confident this would be picked up by the Mainstream Media, that it would feature prominently on the BBC, with Marr et al piling into senior Labour figures asking for condemnation, severe action to be taken against Momentum, and so on. Labour's own right-leaning MPs would be piling in too - indeed they would probably by leading the charge, using it to embarrass and damage Corbyn. This would be a media spectacular that would probably run for weeks. The damage to Labour - and to Momentum and Corbyn in particular - would be colossal.

So what would happen if, say, a local branch of the Tory Party, in an attempt to mimic Momentum's online success, started up a national online Tory website - 'Digital Conservatives' or something similar - with associated Facebook and Twitter feeds, and they then posted a tweet of a prominent Black Labour politician with an accompanying racist comment - with, say, the hashtag #nationalwatermelonday?

We don't have to imagine that, because it just happened. And the only reason I know it just happened is that it was covered by The Canary, Skwawkbox and Evolvepolitics, three online news sources that we are warned - usually by centre-left Corbyn-bashers - we should NEVER follow or link to as they are 'fake news'.

Except, while these sources do sometimes get stuff wrong, and are certainly partisan (like The Daily Mail, etc.), they are to my knowledge STILL the only media sources even covering this story after also breaking it. And it's not fake news.

So my advice is DO follow the Canary, Skwawkbox, and Evolvepolitics. Read them with a sceptical eye, as you should all media, but they have repeatedly turned up stuff that the MSM won't cover. Important stuff you probably won't get to hear about otherwise.

And to those right-wing Labour folk who say there is no BBC/MSM anti-Corbyn/Momentum bias, I say: pull the other one. This sort of biased selectivity about what stories to cover is going on day in, day out. It takes a special sort of cognitive bias not to see it.

See: http://evolvepolitics.com/official-conservative-twitter-account-tweets-disgusting-racist-attack-diane-abbott/


Really? said…
I have identified at least two occasions where the Canary has posted factually incorrect material.

On the first I wrote to them twice setting out where they were wrong (and it was a black/white issue - no grey area), and received no response.

If that were, for example, the Daily Mail my next step would be to report the matter to their regulator (however weak that regulator may be); there is no next step for the Canary.

So in effect the Canary, Skawkbox and the others can put up absolutely anything, however poorly researched,inaccurate or poorly sourced and have absolutely no accountability for it, unless it's libellous of course. The temptation for them to do just that must be (and seemingly sometimes is) absolutely irresistible, which is why I take such a lot of their stuff with a bucketful of salt.
Kate Blair said…
As I take part in several campaigns against racism and bigotry after reading Jack Monroe's great article about Diane Abbot https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2017/06/07/we-need-to-talk-about-diane-abbott-now-explicit-content/
I have been looking out for comments about Diane Abbot on Facebook, nothing overly scientific just if I see a thread about her having a look at the posts. Having seen the posts in Jacks article and other posts sent to other MP's and public figures including Gina Miller; combined with my experience I expected to see many bigoted and racist posts. However, even so I must admit that the scale of such comments has taken me by surprise.